Gutterfest '13 line-up

The Filaments
Photo by Kim Ford

The Filaments (UK)

The Filaments has gained a reputation for their immense live shows in the UK, and on the European mainland. They play UK '82 style punk mixed with a wide range of influences including Dub, 2-tone influenced ska and psychobilly.

In 2005, lead vocalist Jon Fawkes emigrated to America (where he played in The 241ers) and The Filaments subsequently disbanded. Jon later moved back to the UK permanently and The Filaments officially announced they had reformed. We are so happy to announce that this summer they are headlining Gutterfest '13! With their new album Land of Lions they have totally blown us away and we think it's propably going to be one of the best albums coming out this year. You do not want to miss this!


Hooligan (IRL)

Hooligan was formed in Dublin city in October 2009. With members from Angelic Upstarts they play guitar driven anthemic punk, reminiscent of the Angelic Upstarts circa 2 million voices with nods towards The Clash, The Ruts and even Thin Lizzy. Can you even imagine how stoked we are to have them on our line-up? This is going to be something special!

"These boys play with a ton of passion and really compelling talent. Their sound is ripped right out 1977 and the early 80's. Bands like The Jam, SFL, The Clash, Soul Records, Elvis Costello, and The Ruts would be proud. The songs are infectious, they are soaked in tight guitar riffs, horns, dub style bass lines, soul music and swagger. (The swagger of speaking your mind and believing that punk has and still can change the world.)"

Epic Problem

Epic Problem (Uk)

Formed in 2010 in Manchester. With members from Blitz and Dead Subverts it's set up to be a class act. Classic UK punk infused with the melodic sound of bands like Hot Water Music or Dillinger Four.

"The formation of Epic Problem begain when Mackie had written a few songs on guitar and got Jake to sing on them. Drummer Greg Boulton and bass player Tony Morrison quickly joined up, and the band began writing and gigging extensively troughout 2012, playing with legendary UK punk bands Argy Bargy, Subhumans and The Business, as well as american bands on tour in the UK like Dead to Me, Nothington, and The Black List Royals."

- Pirates Press Records


Smalltown (SWE)

Swedens most known unknown band? However, this is sweet music for our ears! These guys always deliver great shows with their catchy and poppy punk anthems. If you like The Clash or Downtown Struts, this should be right up your alley.

"Twelve years ago, when the owner of Pirates Press received Smalltown's very first demo all the way from Sweden, he had no idea that he'd get to put out not one but two great releases by this amazing band. Merely a intern for TKO Records at the time, the track stuck, the band stuck too and have stayed in constant rotation ever since. Pirates Press institutes "Smalltown Fridays" almost religiously in the office while 2009's Read Between The Lines 10" EP and full-length Implosion are the two most-played records on the shelf next to the turntable."

- Pirates Press Records


The Civillains (SWE)

These local chaps has been at it since 2007 and play straightforward three-chord punk rock. With infuences from the early 90's it's catchy, fast and furious. Some might even call it Rancid punk, but we won't...

"This is rowdy, riot-inducing street punk at it’s finest, this side of the Atlantic. With “The Final Hour” The Civillains succeed at channeling the 1990s East Bay sound while representing their Stockholm roots with a genuine street-wise attitude."


Zero Zero

Zero Zero (SWE)

Our opening act is a local band that takes influences from bands like Dead Boys, Sham 69 and The Ramones and makes it their own brand of simple straight forward punk rock!

  • Kalle - Guitars & Vocals
  • Syfelix - Bass & Vocals
  • Jösses - Drums